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How Does Stem Cell Treatment Work?

There are two characteristics that make stem cells unique and suitable for treatment or therapy for many kinds of conditions and diseases. One, they can create or renew more cells of a similar kind. Also they can grow and become specialized cells that perform particular functions maybe in the bones, skin or muscle.

Presently, stem cells do not only treat diabetes, heart diseases, and neurodegenerative ailments but every year there are other conditions that are being recognized which can be treated using stem cells. There are tests and trials in progress to establish whether stem cells can treat spinal cord injury, stroke, and blindness. There could see a medical revolution from these results.

With stem cells, a human is formed inside a womb with only a zygote to the fetus. Stem cells are young and an active group of cells able to replicate in large levels. Their presence is in every living organism that has a cellular structure. With this we can imagine the importance of stem cells in our body. Stem treatments are the latest medical remedy where the cells are used.

For approximately 60 years now, bone-marrow transplant is the main stem cell therapy even it is a painful, prolonged and expensive procedure. Contrasting, blood stem cells removed from the umbilical cord is not costly and is safe to be used for treatment.

Blood cells have exhibited huge prospects of treatment of blood diseases as well as the immune system as it is shown in the several children cases who have been treated of leukemia successfully. The likelihood of regenerating tissues has culminated in treating diseases, bone injuries, grafting or implanting skin or eye surface tissues.

Stem cells are different from drugs because they do not dissolve in the body. Stem cells are living cells; this means they grow and react in random ways since they stay in the body of a patient. This means that stem cell therapy has to differ from one patient to the other. It is vital to know that different stem cells come from different parts of the body aim for different treatments.

Patients planning to take the stem cell treatment should be curious and must not fear the scientific assurance which shows the effectiveness and safety of this treatment. When a decision is made on stem cell treatment a patient should confirm that the cells to be used are pure or mixed. Every patient has their stem cells either from fetal embryos or tissue, umbilical cord blood, bone fat or marrow.

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